Hot wheels Part 1&2  
Vintage skate promotional film 1977
Fantastic you tube vid courtesy of 'Sternoid'
This is how it was skating in the capital 70's stylee !
Great footage of Skatecity, Portobello Rd, Trafalgar Sq
and Southbank of course - Brilliant soundtrack!

Part 2 has superb footage of cruising in Alexander Palace ,
slalom at skatecity and Brighton seafront. Awesome slow
motion sequences of skatecity with the Benjyboards team!
Check the Dunlop Green Flash, Fred Perries, Norcon helmets,
dungarees and flat boards! Even some kneeling down
pulling mad tricks.

Benjyboards Promo vid 1978
5 Excellent vids courtesy of MrBenjyboard
Jeremy Henderson doin some sick freestyle moves at Harrow

Marc Sinclair , slalom at Harrow , mad shit in the half pipe and performance bowl.

John Sablosky ripping it up in the performance bowl at Harrow

Jeremy Henderson again, superb footage of the pool

Cool vid shot by Janimberi a couple a years ago of dogtown style skating at Cantelowes Bowl !

Next up - superb montage by r3d3 featuring 70's skating from all over theh Uk but including Skate City, Rom, even Meanwhile one ! Awesome footage of Southbank as it was and bits of ply up against walls , yes this vid has it all . All set to the Speacials and David Bowie what more could a man want !