Saturday, 11 June 2011

Welcome to London Skate Dominates L.S.D


L.S.D was born out a need for more information on skateboarding in the London. Frustrated with lack of information about where to skate, the history and the lagacy of skating in London has given birth to this blog. Not only is this site a recourse for where to skate now and up to the minute news, but hopefully provides a much needed insight into the history of skating in the capital going back to the 70's!

skateboarding and art go hand in hand. So thats why we have the 'emporium' were you can not only buy custom made hand drawn and hand made boards, but submit your own designs and generally get involved.
We believe in skating for the common good! All proceeds go direct to the artist and it is our hope that this
site becomes a forum for great art, great content and inspirational skating.

Enjoy (L.S.D)